After Effects CS5 Update / 10.0.2

21stApr. × ’11

Finally Adobe has fixed a few annoying issues with After Effects CS5 with their newest 10.0.2 update. I recently imported a CS3 project that used Trapcode’s Particular plugin version 2.0. I did not have that plugin installed in CS5 and it popped up a persistent “unexpected data type” error message. Instead of it nicely popping up a “missing plugin” message or something similar, it completely failed to open the project and I had to force quit the application.

10.0.2 supposedly fixes this annoying little glitch. Here are a few other fixes taken from Adobe’s readme.

Notable Fixes

  • Issue where users may encounter a persistent “unexpected data type” error message when opening projects containing missing effects with layer parameters at non-default values. (54666)
  • Crashing condition when importing compositions created with Automatic Duck’s Pro Import AE plug-in. (W2796549)
  • Crashing condition when using the Directional Blur effect with Mthread.plugin enabled. (55603)


Known Issues

  • Possible hang on startup if firewall software (such as ZoneAlarm) previously blocked the After Effects application (AfterFX.exe), Adobe QT32 Server.exe, or dynamiclinkmanager.exe. For more information, see (2644373)
  • Blocky artifacts in RGB color channels using Canon 5D MKII footage. (2618756)
  • BMP footage in a CS4 project opens as missing footage. Workaround: Relink footage
    after opening. (2620346)
  • RED: CS4 and CS5 (version 10.0) projects that use the existing color science will use the
    new color science (version 2) when opened in 10.0.2. Also, RED settings are not retained if a 10.0.2-saved project is opened in 10.0 (which has the older color science). If you are using R3D footage in a multiple-machine environment, make sure all machines are using the same version of After Effects. (2645416)
  • RED: If another application acquires the ROCKET card before After Effects does, After Effects does not display a message at launch that it will fall back to software (non- ROCKET) rendering. (2673949)
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