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You might be surprised if you benchmark your various Memory & Multiprocessing settings.

Oct. × ’13

It’s been far too long since my last update on this site, so I thought I’d share some interesting findings regarding Memory & Multiprocessing settings in After Effects. I’m currently working on a fairly intense project and decided to play with some of the preferences to determine what settings were best for my machine. One […]

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2016: Obama’s America

Aug. × ’12

I was fortunate enough to work on the 2016: Obama’s America movie recently, supplying motion graphics for the intro and a number of other scenes in the movie. Disclaimer: I voted for Obama and do not necessarily agree with any of the views or opinions expressed in the movie. That said I’m still proud of […]

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After Effects warning: Unable to create font

May. × ’11

UPDATE: The After Effects 12.2 Update fixes this bug. Find more information here I noticed a strange error while trying to open a project I created on OS X 10.6.6, right after upgrading to 10.6.7 and applying the Snow Leopard Font Update. When launching After Effects CS5 it popped up a dialog error message stating […]

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After Effects CS5 Update / 10.0.2

Apr. × ’11

Finally Adobe has fixed a few annoying issues with After Effects CS5 with their newest 10.0.2 update. I recently imported a CS3 project that used Trapcode’s Particular plugin version 2.0. I did not have that plugin installed in CS5 and it popped up a persistent “unexpected data type” error message. Instead of it nicely popping […]

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After Effects error: making file specification – no such volume (-35)

Mar. × ’10

Have you come across this error before in After Effects? After Effects error: making file specification – no such volume (-35) Yeah, it sucks.  Well, today was my first time experiencing this error.  I was opening an archived After Effects project, and as soon as it started to open I saw the error message.  I […]

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