3Dmation MoCon – I love it

Dec. × ’09

Stumbled upon a super helpful script for After Effects and Maya.  It’s called MoCon and you can download MoCon here.

If you are trying to bring locators from Maya into After Effects, or camera data this is a very important tool to have. I especially enjoy the fact that you can simply select any object in Maya, type “pass2obm” and save it to a file.  Once in After Effects you can simply import the OBM file and it populates layers with white locators for each object.  After Effects has the ability to bring in .ma files from Maya, but the nulls have to be named null, and they are imported in as a hidden null object.  The MoCon script works with any naming convention, and creates small solid layers for easy visualization.

Check out 3Dmation here.

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Saving .ma files

Dec. × ’09

Have you ever tried to save a Maya scene as a .ma (maya ascii) file and received the following message?

Error: File contains unknown nodes or data.  To preserve this information, the current file type cannot be changed.

The tough part is figuring out what is an “unknown” node. To list the “unknown” nodes in any Maya scene simply type the following.
ls -type unknown;

This will list all “unknown” nodes in the script editor. Then replace the X’s with the name of the unknown node and hit enter:
delete XXXXXX

If someone knows of a simpler method to remove all unknown nodes let me know.

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